Upon coming home from my weekend birthday getaway, I was feeling fantastic. Trips, get-aways and vacations can do a lot to refuel and recharge a person. I felt energized, optimistic, and just generally really happy. I was so thankful that my husband surprised me with this trip and it was a wonderful memory making weekendContinue reading “DNA”

Hello Lee

My husband and I arrived at our destination with excitement and anticipation of a fun celebratory weekend. He really surprised me and I was a bundle of energy to get this weekend started. First we had to check in and while we did, I explored a little, trying to familiarize myself with the place andContinue reading “Hello Lee”


They say a watched pot never boils. I learned that from the last time I tried to make contact when I remained transfixed awaiting a reply which never came as weeks turned into months. So this time I decided to send the email and not watch that pot. I guess that old adage is rightContinue reading “Contact”


I stared at the screen after I hit the send button, as if my staring could somehow will something into happening. In my stare-down contest, I eventually blinked and lost that battle. Nothing happened. I set my phone aside and went about the rest of my evening. Minutes turned into an hour. I checked andContinue reading “Deadline”

The Search

While I had been disappointed and upset in the past that I hadn’t been more dedicated to searching, I came to accept and understand that it’s not always about our timing. Sometimes, things are just meant to be on their own timing. I have learned that while it is a good idea to plan andContinue reading “The Search”

Reflections, Questions, & Motivations – Part 2

Frantically, I called back but no one would answer the phone. I tried calling other numbers, desperate to find someone, anyone on any floor, who could tell me what was happening. I was in shock, terrified and even angry. I was so upset that this was happening and I was not able to be there.Continue reading “Reflections, Questions, & Motivations – Part 2”

Reflections, Questions, & Motivations – Part 1

After reading the letters, I went through a reflective period. Mostly I had questions, a lot of them. As someone who thrives on fact finding, truth, answers, and closure…this bombshell revelation left me spinning. I wondered about Bonnie and if she did go on to marry as she advised in her last letter. I wonderedContinue reading “Reflections, Questions, & Motivations – Part 1”

The Letters – Part 2

The next letter is dated October 9, 1967. In this letter, she talks about not hearing back from my father in over a week and she expresses her concerns about the possibilities of why…did her letter not reach him or did the contents of her letter scare him? These are things I addressed in theContinue reading “The Letters – Part 2”

The Letters – Part 1

The letters total 8 in all with two being cards and the rest handwritten letters. The stamps used on the envelopes are 5 cents. The price of postage has increased quite a lot since these were sent. Due to time, the envelopes are slightly tinged with an aging yellow color and they carry the scentContinue reading “The Letters – Part 1”